Collection 8mth After Ambilical Hernia and Now Have Reactive Athritis,which Has Caused This?

Will the reactive athritis go away as long as i have the collection? I had a insitianal hernia repair 8mths ago,i have had it drained once and it keeps filling up again,i am going back to hospital tomorrow to have it asperated again,i have bad joint pain and seen a remotoligist which thinks it is reactive athritis caused by the collection,no one can tell me if this collection will go away or will it just keep returning,i seem to be getting no answers and its 8mths down the line,can you please help me on the matter.

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Reactive Arthritis

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First time I have heard arthritis blamed on a seroma.

Ask your surgeon about other options, including sclerosis (injecting a caustic substance into the fluid cavity) or surgical treatment. 

All the best. 

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