Collapsing Nose?

Hi I asked a question a while ago about purpule discoloration on my nose I saw my dr and he said it was because there was alot of stiches in the area I in the meantime noticed that my nose was collapsing on one side this is now about 4.5 weeks postop its collapsing at the brige and side of nostril my PS said that in 3 weeks he will inject kenalog in to the non collapsed side to even the swelling out there is also an issue with extra tissue in the nostril on the non collapssed side. Are there other options?


original question: Hi I had an open rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago there is a purple spot at the tip of my nose I did get a graft at that site as well as some rounding of the tip I should also mention i do have thin skin. My ps is on vacation.

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Nose collapsing after Rhinoplasty

I have performed Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and I remember answering your initial question.  This picture is quite dark but there does appear to be more tip fullness on the right side than the left.  This could be due to several things.

  1. The purple discoloration, on the left, was an inflammed or infected onlay cartilage graft that has partially dissolved by the inflammation, making the right side appear fuller at this time.
  2. The onlay cartilage graft broke free of the sutures holding it and has shifted to the right side of the nasal tip
  3. None of the above and yoiu still have residual swelling on the right side of the nasal tip

Kenalog injections, to the nasal tip, IMHO will only help you in scenario 3 mentioned above.  As always, it's best to follow the advice and recommendations of your Rhinoplasty surgeon because he/she knows what's in your nasal tip and we do not.  Hope this helps.

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Recovery from Rhinoplasty

From your picture, it is hard to see what you are describing.  It would be best for multiple views or to see you in person.  However, it sounds like you are following closely with your surgeon.  Hopefully, prior to your surgery, you found a board certified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery.  

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Collapsing nose

It is very hard to see exactly what is going on. I don't see what you decribe in the picture. So, you need to stick with your surgon or get a live second opinion.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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