Can a Collapsed Nasal Valve Cause a Permanent Slight Swelling over the Maxillary Sinus Area of the Same Side?

I have a permanent slight swelling over the maxillary sinus area which flares up every so often but never goes away. I had a rhinoplasty operation many years ago. I also suffer with tinnitus and this gets louder when this area flares up. My nostril on this side is a bit blocked and I have post nasal drip. I also snore when I sleep on my back. I have noticed when I pull the skin away from my nose on that side my breathing seems a bit easier. Could there be a connection?

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Collapsed nasal valve and swelling

Dear Smile56,

  • The breathing issue is likely separate from the swelling over the sinus
  • You may have some nasal allergies causing the post nasal drip and contributing to your nasal obstruction
  • The fact that you can get relief by opening the nostril is a sign of nasal valve collapse
  • Finally, the tinnitus which gets louder can be related to Eustachian tube dysfunction, which is the tube that connects that back of the nose to the ear...when it swells up (from allergies), it can build up pressure behind the eardrum so it does not vibrate well - this causes the tinnitus
  • So to treat both problems, you should have a thorough evaluation to get to the bottom of it

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