Can a Collapsed Internal Valve from a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Corrected?

I had revision rhinoplasty to correct damage to a nostril and problems breathing that were caused by a small accident. Since the revision, I am almost completely unable to breathe from the left side of my nose. I have been told that I have a collapsed internal valve. Can this be corrected? And can this be causing collapsed, flared nostrils?

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Nasal valve collapse

Yes - collapse of the nasal valve can be surgically corrected and often requires use of structurally strong grafts from the septum or the rib

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Collapsed internal valve can be corrected

The collapsed internal valve can be treated by multiple different surgical procedures. Normally the collapsed internal valve can be pushed outward with a spreader graft. Sometimes the simple excision of the inter-cartilaginous scroll tissue can be removed which can also help with airflow dynamics. There are other suture techniques and cartilage grafting techniques that can improve airflow through the nose in this type of a situation. The accident may have pushed the upper lateral cartilage downward and inward into the airway, which dislocated the upper lateral cartilage from the nasal bone creating the valve collapse.

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Correction os collapsed internal valve

The internal valve is made of the the upper lateral cartilage angled into the septum. pPreader grafts can help support the internal valve,  "open" the angle up a bit and improve breathing.

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Correction of a Collapsed Internal Valve

The nasal valve is located at the apex of the nostril just below the nasal bone. A collapsed valve can be opened with a graft using your cartilage, which will improve your breathing. This is a reliable procedure with predictable results. I'm sorry I cannot repond to your question about "flared nostrils" without seeing a picture.

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Collapsed internal valve

The collapse of the internal valve can be for a number of reasons.  With knowing exactly what had been done previously one approach would be to perform cartilage grating of this area with a spreader graft to increase the angle between the septum and the cartilage. Alar collapse can be treated with long batton grafts and rim grafts.


Breathing problems after rhinoplast are due to collapse of the supporting stucture.

Collapse of the internal valve is corrected by cartillage graft and is very effective

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Nasal Valve Collapse


Yes nasal valve collapse can be corrected using cartilage batton  grafts through an open rhinoplasty approach. The cartilage batton grafts are used to reinforce the area of the internal valve. In addition, the surgeon may decide to use a spreader graft as well. Make sure you see an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.



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