I Had Collagen Injects in my Lips and It Looks Horrible? (photo)

I got injections over 6 months and its not going away!!! I hate them and I want them gone. Some days they are bigger then others.

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Collagen Lip Injection Correction

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There is surgery that can correct the problem. You can do a debulking incision in the upper mucosa (inside of lips). I strongly believe that you should wait it out. You do not want to play around, because it can cause further distortion of the lips. There is collagenase, but it needs to be used shortly after the procedure is done. It won’t work at this point as too much time has passed.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Reverse Collagen Injections?

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Hi Gabriela.  Do you have medical records that show which procedure was done for you?  Did you have the procedure in the US?  Not very many MDs in the US still use collagen.  Rather we use Hyaluronic acid based fillers most often because they are very safe.  

If your situation has remained exactly the same for 6 months, the first thing we would suggest is getting your medical records so you can get an opinion on how to move forward.  Once you have the medical records, contact a reputable injector in your area to discuss the situation.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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