I Have a Cold - Scheduled for Smart Lipo in 10 Days

I am getting smart lipo feb 25 and since tuesday i been pretty sick, at night i been getting 100 temps. all day i been very weak, head wicked stuffy, couching so much my chest and throat hurts. I hope i get better soon. I really want to get my surgery and im worried if im sick but then if they will keep the 500 cause it says if you cancel they keep 500 bucks but i would not be canceling cause ill still get it down if they let me if im sick but then. how many days do i got to better to get it?

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Elective cosmetic liposuction should be done under ideal health conditions

Do not jeopardize your health for an elective procedure for a cosmetic indication, such as smart lipo, if you are not in your ideal health. If you have the flu, you may not metabolize the medication given to you during liposuction, both oral as well as the local anesthetic, as you would normally. This may create serious complications.  You should contact your surgeon's office immediately to let them know that you might not be able to keep your appointment. They will tell you what their protocol is.

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