Forehead reduction/augmentation surgery?

I have a high hairline in combination of what appears to be bilateral "bony horns." People say i look fine, but i am self consience about it. In some angles/light it looks fine, then other angles it's more noticeable. Needless to say I'd like to get it fixed. I have read up on several of the different options including frontal bone burring, hairline lowering, hair transplants and some sort of fillers (fat, bone cement, etc) to build up the areas and make it look smooth. What would you suggest?

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Forehead reduction

It is really hard to fully understand your situation enough based on description to provide an intelligent answer

A photo of your concern would be helpful.  However ALL of the procedures you mentioned are tested and very reliable. The key is to apply these procedures in the correct case to address the specific concern of the patient

Would be happy to provide more info 

Good Luck


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Facial framing

Proper facial framing is critical to how one sees themselves.

The lease invasive method of restoring facial framing, long as patients have adequate donor region, is to restore the hairline to where it properly frames one's face and brings focus and attention to their facial features. 

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