Recovery period post a septoplasty along with bilateral fess and bilateral alar reduction?

A septoplast along with bilateral fess and bilateral alar reduction by 2mm was done on me 15 days ago. The stitches were removed 5 days back. I feel like the septum and alar areas are looking slightly bulged from the front. From the sides though my nose is looking fine. Will this subside? I am getting married in March 2017.

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Recovery Period Septoplasty and FESS with alar base reduction

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Septoplasty can have a variable amount of recovery depending on what type of changes were made to the septum.  A classic submucosal resection of the septum (more than 90% of septoplasty procedures fall into this category) typically has minimal downtime with up to 6 months of intranasal swelling.  Other variants of septoplasty including open septoplasty and septal reconstruction may have longer periods of external swelling to the nose.  

A FESS or sinus surgery typically does not have much external swelling but may have intranasal swelling for a similar period of 4-6 months.

Alar base reduction limiting factor in recovery is typically the scar presentation.  Scars can sometimes look red initially until more time has progressed and may take up to 1 year for a final appearance of the scar to manifest..  Swelling from an alar base is less than that of a whole rhinoplasty procedure and can often subside within a few weeks.

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