Can Cohesive Gel Spread if It's Ruptured Like the Old Implants?

Hello, and thank you for your response in advance. I've been studying silicone vs saline for my breast augmentation. I thought I was very set on saline because I felt silicone to be unsafe, but now I feel torn between the two. I have read some statistics showing that silicone can travel through the body if ruptured. Are those reports and findings only with the old silicone implants or can this still happen with the new cohesive implants? What are your thoughts on this. Again thank you!

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Breast Revision

The new Gel is much better than the old implants and the concerns about migration are associated with old implants, not the new ones.

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Cohesive Gel Implants

The early silicone implants were filled with a silicone that was a looser consistentcy then those currently in use in the United States. The contents inside the envelope had the thickness of maple syrup. If envelope developed a leak the fluid could flow out.  The silicone of today's implants is thicker and tends to stick to itself.  This makes it slightly firmer and less runny.  If there is a break in the envelope it tends to stay in place. The implant referred to as "cohesive" is the Inamed 410. This device is used in Europe but has not been released by the FDA for general use in the United States.  Many plastic surgeons are concerned that the "cohesive" implants have gone too far in making the contents stick together producing a firmer feelong breast.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
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Cohesive Gel Implants

From all the studies we've seen the new gel implants do not leak like past implants.  I tell my pateints that  cohesive implants break in the same way jello does. 

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Silicone implants

The silicone implants that were available 30 years ago had a very runny silicone to try to make them feel softer.  This silicone could migrate through the breast tissue and caused a lot of local problems with the breast.  The current generation implants that are approved by the FDA are felt to be safe mainly because the silicone gel is more cohesive.  It is believed that this gel will stay together and not migrate because of its cohesive nature.  I believe these implants are safe and that is why I am using them.  They have been used for over 10 years now and have a good track record.

Gary Hall,MD

Gary Hall, MD (retired)
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Silicone implants, ruptured implants, silicone spread

As far as I know from the medical literature, the silicone does not spread at all if the implant is ruptured. It just stays in the implant area. I spoke once with a scientist who is one of the natiion's experst on silicone chemistry and he said anyone wearing lipstick or using hairspray has measurable silicone in their blood! And anyone who has ever had a shot or blood drawn has silicone in their body from the needle. I wouldn't be wrried about the silicone.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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