Cohesive Gel Implants Changed to Football Shape

7 years ago I had cohesive gel implants put in. (Under the study) Last year, I noticed a lump the size of a walnut in the left breast. I could tell it was the implant. I had a mammogram done, and the implant had taken on the shape of a football. The right one is still round. What I was feeling was the top of the implant. I had another mammogram done this year, and it's still in the same football shape. Now I have been experiencing some achy type pain in that breast. Has it ruptured?

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Change in Shape of Breast Implant

Thank you for the question.

There are 2 good ways to determine if a silicone gel implant has ruptured. The first would be an MRI study;  the other way would be to explore the breast and to directly determine if a rupture has occurred.

Given that your breast implant  has changed shape  there is more than one indication for you to undergo revisionary surgery.  Therefore, an MRI study will be  a waste of time and resources.

Consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon would be in your best interest.

I hope this helps.

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Round implant looks like a football

When a round implant folds it can take on the appearance of a football shape. This may happen as a result of a capsular contracture. I would reivew your situation with your plastic surgeon in regards to the possibility of rupture.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Change in Implant Shape

It sounds like that your implant may be ruptured. The best way to determine definitively whether your implant is ruptured would be to get a MRI.  Visit with your plastic surgeon to get an exam and a MRI.  If it is ruptured then replacement would be warranted.

Dr. ES

Misshapen breast after breast implant and capsular contracture

There is no way to know if it is ruptured unless you take it out and look at it. I am not sure if any radiologic studies could diagnose it if it is present because the classic deflation signs like linguini would not present on the MRI of a ruptured cohesive implant. The change in shape is most likely due to the scar tissue formed around the implant squeezing down on it, a capsular contracture. The most common way to treat this is remove the capsule and implant and place a new implant.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Shape changes after gel implant augmentation

Shape changes could be related to capsular contracture, or scar tissue around the implant, squeezing it into a different shape. This could occur with or without a rupture. Pain can occur in severe situations. I would have an exam by your plastic surgeon. Then a diagnosis with treatment plan can be given to you. MRI imaging is the best way to diagnose a rupture. Surgery may be recommended for cosmetic reasons, and a diagnosis can be made intraoperatively with regard to the integrity of the implant. 

Hayley Brown, MD, FACS
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