Do you think a chemical peel would be OK on this part of my leg? If not, what do you suggest? Have you seen this before? (Photo)

I got these burn marks on my legs after visiting Grand cayman. One of them on the back of my leg I thought was a jelly fish sting and I'm still unsure if it is or not. But this one definitely isn't and isn't going away. I've tried Burn creams, aloe plants, calendula oil, vitamin e oil, basically anything that Would work in a cream or oil form. I am an aesthetician and am considering doing a chemical peel on this part of my leg, it's been over a month and no change In color of this mark.

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Peel for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

I agree that this is a jelly fish sting. Good call! In my experience you don't need to do anything to these. It can take up to a year for these to fade but they usually do so all by themselves. A peel might help a little, but probably isn't necessary. If you do decide to do a peel on your leg, it won't peel like a face would. It can be very subtle, just a little flaking. If the pigment doesn't seem to be fading over the course of a year, a laser treatment might be more effective, but I honestly think you'll be fine just leaving it alone!

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