Is my hard and bruised breast, 7 weeks after breast reduction surgery, going to remain hard and bruised?

One breast was normal looking and soft after 3 weeks, the other one is still larger than the other, it is quite bruised still and very hard under the skin. What, if anything, can be done for it? Am I likely to have this condition be permanent? AMS

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Bruising and hardness seven weeks after a breast reduction

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Thank you for your question and it is difficult to tell what is going on without photos or examining you.  You are still healing and it can take up to six months to soften and take their final shape.  Bruising after seven weeks and firmness sounds like you might have an unrecognized hematoma and you should discuss this with your surgeon and possibly do more testing to see what is the cause. Your breasts can heal differently and this could be a result of the surgical trauma to the breast and usually resolves over time but without someone examining you it is hard to tell.

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