Cod Liver Oil Before Eyelid Surgery?

I am getting CO2 Laser surgery on my right eyelid in a month to correct a slight droop on my upper eyelid only. I currently take Fermented Cod Liver oil for my acne. All of the prescription creams, antibiotics, and over the counter products do not work nearly as good for my cystic acne as Cod Liver Oil. I am 100% clear on this but I am reading that Fish Oil and Possibly Cod Liver Oil can thin the blood and shouldn't be taken close to a surgery. My acne will come back if I stop it. Opinions?

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Fish oil before surgery

Fish oil, including cod liver oil, can tin the blood and should not be taken before surgery. The downside is that there may be more bleeding and bruising or even a hematoma with larger surgeries. In my practice we have patients stop ten days before surgery. For those with specific problems, such as acne if they stop their supplements, I will prescribe an antibiotic for the week before surgery to be sure their acne does not flare up. This may not be a good long term treatment but works excellent in the days leading up to surgery. Please contact your physician before the surgery and see what they suggest.

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