Can a tooth be further traumatized during the process of fitting a permanent crown?

I recently had a crown placed on a left lower molar.The temporary crown caused no problems although I might have favored it when chewing but I had the permanent crown now for 10d and I have pain when chewing hard foods, some cold sensitivity.I had the bite adjusted once and I plan to go again as I still feel the tooth when chewing.Could the tooth have been damaged when the crown was placed as it took quite a few attempts to fit it right?.

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Traumatizing a tooth during final cementation of a crown

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It is possible that your tooth was further traumatized during the final cementation of the permanent crown.  Whenever a tooth is worked on, it causes stress to the nerve.  If you currently have pain upon biting, have your dentist check your bite and continue to adjust it until it feels comfortable to you.  If the symptoms do not resolve, it may mean that you need a root canal.  Either way, it's important for you to go back to your dentist asap to have this taken care of.

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