I am 26 year old boy. I have unwanted hair in my nose, I need a permanent solution?

i am 26 year old boy , i have unwanted hair in my nose, i need a permenant solution?

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LASER hair removal nose

The hairs of the nose (vibrissae) serve a purpose to filter the air around us.  Removing the hair can potentially lead to a less physiological mechanism of the nose.  On the other hand, hairs of the nose can be unsightly and plucking nasal hair can lead to potentially deadly infection.  Excessive nasal hair can actually lead to worse function of the nose.

LASER hair removal is an option for select persons and is effective in removing hair from the nose.  Typically, 2-4 sessions are required to permanently reduce the amount of nasal hair. 

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Laser Hair Removal for the Nose

Nasal hair helps in filtering foreign particles from entering the nasal cavity and collecting moisture. If you have unwanted hair and want to get rid of them permanently, since the roots are often fairly close to the surface of your nose, they can often be removed by laser hair removal which of course is permanent and safe even for nose hairs. Don't worry, the laser isn't put inside your nose, it works from the outside.

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