Pain after permanent crown, no pain with temporaries. Should I remove the new permanent crown or get a RCT?

After having the temp for over a month with no pain and finally after matching the color they placed the permanent crown. The pain has been pretty bad for a month and now they say I should just get a root canal. I went to the endodontist and he said I don not need a root canal after running some tests...I am not sure what to do, should i get the crown taken off? Why would I have no pain with the temps and pain with the permanent. Not sure what to do at this point.

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Pain after crown.

Anytime you work on a patients tooth ,  there is always a chance that the tooth may need a root canal.   Removing  the crown will not change the fact you need a rootcanal.    It' is not ideal to have to patch a new crown with a filling but it is routinely done on a daily basis.    Without having tested the tooths vitality prior to placing the crown,   There is no way of knowing how your tooths symptoms will change after crown placement.  If a person needs a crown we always tell them they have a higher probability of needing a rootcanal in the future.    If your tooth only hurts to bite, than possibly you just need your bite adjusted and your symptoms may improve . But if it is spontaneous pain or cold pain that lingers you have do get the root canal done.  

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