Co2lasering. Redness On Smile Lines and Chin and Getting Worse?

I had the procedure done 3/30/12, since then I have dark redding in a couple areas specifically on the smile lines and chin. It almost seems like its getting worse. I just started the bleach cream on these areas but I'm worried it won't go back to before. Any suggestions? Thx

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Redness after CO2 laser

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Dear Patient,

Although it is common to see redness after fractional CO2 procedure for up to 1 month, it is unusual to see it worsen with time. Instead, the redness should be subsiding with time. Therefore, you need to visit your practitioner to determine if you are doing anything that maybe worsening the redness (e.g., irritating skin regiment, sun exposure, other skin procedures) as well as to obtain the best treatment. Also, bleaching creams in general address brown discolorations on the skin, they do not assist with redness. So I would advice holding the bleaching cream, it is likely the source of more irritation. Try a soothing moisturizer in red areas, such as cetaphil or cerave cream, if not better after few days, see you practitioner.

Good luck.

Davie Dermatologist

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