Co2 Redness Scabs Face, How Long Will this Last? (photo)

i have read so much on smartxide on this web site ,i have learnt that docters do say a 5/7 day down time ,i have read and seen pictures of people red well past 10 days ,i understand this will be healing ,can some one expain the diffrence to a mediuam setting to aggesive settings can you get scabs on more aggresive and what can speed the healing as no docter explains you get scabs and weeks of reddness ,would you get good results on a medieum setting and how much improvement ould i get.

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ou ask a very good question.  The laser settings can be altered to match the skin type and also to some degree the acceptable down time. In a way the more redness and skin irritation the deeper the trearment and hence the more dramatic result. Most of my patients want 3-5 days down but, are w8illing to repeat the procedure in 3 months if needed

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