Does CO2 Treatment Leave Any Scars on the Face?

I have recently gone through a co2 treatment. Before the treatment, my face looked all right with some age spots. Now, two weeks after the treatment, I have a lot of spots with light brown colour all over my face. Is this common? The doctor asks me to apply Stratamed and Pepbu:w Skin Repair and the spots will disappear in two months. Will these brown spots disappear after two months. Please advise. Thank you

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CO2 laser

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Brown spots after CO2 laser could mean  different things.  It sounds like hyperpigmentation.  The exact prognosis depends on you skin coloring.  Using bleaching and peeling cream combinations after laser or when pigment changes occur is usually successful.


Good luck.

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CO2 and scars

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Be sure to allow plenty of time for healing, but if the brown spots are still present on your face after 30 days, I would seek a second opinion.  Be sure to get a copy of your operative note to take to your appointment.  The other surgeon will need to see the settings that were used.  Also, medications can cause problems with pigmentation.  Be sure to discuss any medications you are taking with your surgeons.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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