Healing after Co2 Laser

I am australian currently in Vietnam and have an appointment for co2laser in a couple of days,I am hoping this will firm my skin and give it a more even tone with a fresh appearance !I am 50, my skin is in reasonable condition for my age. I will have seven days before flying out, just wanted to no how my skin will look and feel straight after and how long the healing process will take.I am considering canceling after some of the reviews I have read.

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There are different CO2 lasers...

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You have asked a great question.  CO2 lasers can be fractionated or unfractionated.  The original CO2 lasers were unfractionated, and give excellent results, however are frequently associated with significant redness, and skin crusting.  You would still be red after 7 days, and potentially for a few weeks.  Newer CO2 technologies involve fractionated laser.  This still gives great results, but by the nature of the delivery of energy, there is less redness and skin crusting.  It is similar to a bad sunburn, and typically by day 7 the redness will resolve.  Good luck in your decison.


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