Scratching After CO2 Laser Treatment. Have I Harmed Results?

I Had Co2 Laser Treatment 4days Back...n Due 2 Itching I Scratched my Skin..will It Harm? face

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Scratching is prohibited after CO2

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You are in a difficult spot 4 days after carbon dioxide laser resurfacing because you are using occlusive ointments and have some wound care on very fragile healing skin.  If you scratch enough and effect the dermis, you can have long term sequelae including scars and streaky pigmentary changes.  If you are having lots of itching, there are other things that can help.  Antihistamines, such as benadryl or prescription Zyrtec, can be beneficial.  Also, I utilize soaks with dilute acetic acid which are quite helpful to help with this sensation.  The soaks also can prevent infection and expedite the peeling process. 

The great news is that the itching after CO2 only lasts a few days, but you are at the worst of it now.  Stay in close touch with your physician if any problems arise!  You are going to love your fresher and more even skin.  Good luck!

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