CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Day 14 . . . Skin Still Rough and Very Tight.

Day 14 after co2 laser. My skin, especially around chin and mouth, is very tight. I had a breakout on day 12 in that area (after some makeup) with some bumps. The bumps have gone down (no makeup last 2 days) but now there is a rough, scaly coverage. I don't know if this is part of the healing/shedding process. It feels as if it could shed (but not today; too firm). Can it be that my skin may need more time to heal and rejuvinate? FYI, I followed the washing/cleansing routine to a T!

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Wound care and healing after CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser

More than any other treatment in cosmetic dermatology, it is imperative that communication between the physician and patient is such that any concerns are addressed. Not following a regimen is risky and fortunately you did, but you have concerns of the texture. Call you doctor's office and make sure that you schedule a followup appointment so this is addressed.

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