Is Co2 Laser Inappropriate As a Preventive Measure Vs. Treating Specific Issues?

I have just turned 40 and wanted to get a little more aggressive with my anti aging treatments. I have had botox, restylane and juverderm injections, pixel laser and TCA peels over the last 5 years. I wanted to step up my treatments and am interested in the co2 fractional laser. Even though I do not have significant lines and wrinkles at this time, I would like to prevent them as much as I can. Is this a reasonable direction to take in my anti aging treatment plan?

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Risk versus benefit ratio

As with all other decisions in life, you will take some risk to get the benefits you seek. In your case, without significant benefit to be had, minimal risk is appropriate. A very conservative fractional treatment could be justified and valuable, but an aggressive one would not. 

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