CO2 Laser for Hypertrophic Scars on the Nose?

I have bumps (2 large and 3 small Combination of Hypertrophic scars and Sebaceous hyperplasia) on my nose. Today, I consulted a dermatalogist, and she told she will be using CO2 laser for the bumps on my nose and the downtime will be 3 to 4 days. After that, I can go back to work. I had read success stories of electrosurgery for hypetrophic scars in the Web. When I asked the dermatologist about it, she said both electrosurgery and CO2 laser work similarly, as both involve laser light to remove the layers of the skin. Is CO2 laser good for hypertrophic scars on nose? Is one session enough? What can I expect from it? Please advise.

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Well, sort of...

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Couple points of disagreement with your dermatologist.

1. You're unlikely to be completely healing in 3-4 days. You'll probably still be quite red and more likely weepy and peeling

2. Electrosurgical and CO2 laser aren't the same. Both techniques can be used and the risks are different for each. It would be worth talking to another dermatologist to be sure you understand the difference.

3. You may well require multiple treatments and no one can tell whether or not you will until after your treatment.

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