Co2 Laser 2nd Time Still Lines Around Mouth Can I Use Glyco Peel Myself?

I had c02 laser for 2nd time 7 days ago al l is well excwpt for few lines around mouth still i want to apply obagi peel on those areas yes or no

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Glycolic Peel after Co2?

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My advice would be to wait before moving on to another procedure. Your skin needs time to heal from one procedure before you move to the next.

I usually advise my patients to wait 4 to 6 weeks after Fractional Co2, before they have any other type of skin resurfacing treatment done. This may be a bit conservative, but the skin needs time to regenerate to produce a good result.

Sometimes when you continue to reintroduce trama to the skin without giving it appropriate time to heal it can backfire on you, and leave you with more of a problem.

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