Would Co2 Fractional Laser Help my Acne Scars or Rather Saline Injections or Subcision? (photo)

I am trying to decide which procedure I should undergo for my acne scars, I've already had 4 fraxel treatments only on my cheeks, that caused fat loss, hollow cheeks, which the doctor then tried to correct with fillers and subcision (3 treatments) I was not entirely happy with them because filler did not distribute evenly and created bumps that thankfully dissolved with time, since they were temporary. Would co2 fractional laser help, or saline injections with subcisions? Any suggestions?

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Treatment of acne scarring

I usually use a two step process for acne scarring.  First any deep ice pick scar need to be treated with 90% TCA.  I grind the TCA into the ice pick scar this creates a full thickness injury and allows the scar to fill in.  Then the face can be resurfaced with a CO2 laser.  There are many types of lasers available that work well.  The SmartXide Dot therapy laser allows nice control over the depth of the treatment allowing treatment of deep dermal scarring.

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