Ok Clumsy Me Ran into a Door Opening, and my Nose Now Hurts Really Bad is It Broke?

Im extremly clumsy and I ran into a door the was opening and pressure came on to my nose instently it started to bleed BAD and i got really dizzy I touched my nose and kinda popped it back into place now its swolen and hurts really really bad my grandmother keeps asking if I need to go to the ER I keep telling her no I want to wait till my eyes and nose are brused and I feel dizzy should I go to the ER? Please help!

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Evaluation after Broken Nose

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If you "...kinda popped it back into place..." you probably broke your nose. I would go to the ER to make sure you don't have a hematoma in the nose secondary to bleeding which could destroy septal cartilage. 

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