Is my Belly button going to look like a belly button? (photo)

I had a full TT on Monday and it is now Friday (so I am on day 4 after). My belly button does not seem to be looking any more like a belly button normally looks, do you think it will? I know it is early I am just a little worried.

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When Will My Belly Button Look Like a Normal Belly Button. Picture Day 4.

Belly buttons come in different shapes and sizes. Right now yours looks like a vertical belly button, which some women prefer, as contrasted with a round or horizontal orientation. You really cannot tell how it will look for about 3 weeks because of swelling. However, if you requested a vertical type belly button, it is moving in that direction.  If you requested a round belly button, you will have to discuss with your plasticsurgeon how yours was intended to be designed, then wait as swelling resolves. Belly button revision can be done at about 3 months for various reasons, such as shape or size.

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Belly Button improves with time

At one week it is way to early to tell what your belly button will eventually look like!  You have tight skin with swelling and maybe bruising that all needs to heal.  Your surgeon probably can show you photos of his patients fully healed that will give you an idea what to expect.  For now, just relax and let everything heal.

Randy J. Buckspan, MD
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Belly Button Appearance #tummytuck

It is always hard to tell especially 4 days out from your surgery. The belly button always looks a little different after a tummy tuck. Just give this some time since you have a lot of abdominal swelling at this time.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Concerns about early post-op results from tummy tuck: discuss with your surgeon

Based only on limited information and a photo, no one will be able to give you definitive advice online. You will be seeing your own plastic surgeon soon for drain removal so you can ask about your concerns then.

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Belly Button Appearance

I would recommend you talk with your surgeon about this. There is no incision/scar around the belly button, but visible midline incision - does not look 4 days old, an old scar? A fully tummy tuck typically involves incision around belly button and underlying muscle tightening. Was this just a lower abdominal skin removal? Was there a belly button prior to this surgery? We need more information about your surgery and abdominal surgical history. Your surgeon is the best source of information. Best of luck!

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Is my Belly button going to look like a belly button?

To early to really decide. But I also am concerned for you. Best to discuss with your surgeon IN PERSON.///

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Belly button

Stop worrying it is way to early to judge results though from the one photo things look good at this point 

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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Mammy make over

I understand your concern but I do not see any reason to be worried at this stage. It is a very early stage and first of all you need to follow the direction of your surgeon and heal well without complications.
The shape and volume of your abdo will change every week for several months.
Good luck

Stefano Cotrufo, MD, PhD
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