Second Bone Graft after 7 yrs of having implants due to bone loss.

I have 7 yr. old implants that hold in upper and lower dentures. I've developed severe infections, have hypothyroidism and hashimoto disease. As a result, In 7 yrs. I have lost most of my bone coverage, all over my mouth. Is it possible to clean up the infected areas, consult with Endocrinologist for more effective treatment to add additional bone grafting to restabilize the implants?

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Dental Implants

Hi there, thank you for your question. I see you have a concern regarding bone loss possibly due to hypothyroidism and hashimoto disease. Your thyroid condition could and could not the cause of your bone loss. If you are taking medicine for your thyroid condition, then your thyroid condition should be under control. There are many systemic medical conditions that can also contribute to bone loss in the oral cavity and should be ruled out. Regarding saving or reconstructing the bone around the implant, this has to be evaluated by a skilled specialist in implants so they can give the implant a prognosis, diagnosis, and recommended treatment. Best of luck!

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