I'm Having Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery, Can I Go to the Beach?

I was wanting to know if I'd be okay going to the beach 8 days after my closed rhinoplasty surgery.

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Most likely way too soon

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You should ask your surgeon for their advice as they may have different guidelines. I usually recommend 6 weeks, which is on the conservative end.

Closed Rhinoplasty Benefits

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I like closed rhinoplasty very much.  It is least trumatic way to do rhinoplasty, leaves no visible scars, there is minimal disrruption of tissues, and patients recover faster.

 However, no surgery should be taken too lightly.

 I don't advice going to beach for at least one month after surgery.  Your own Plastic Surgeon may have different protocol for his closed rhinoplasty patients.  Listen to him/ her and follow instructions given by your own surgeon.  ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR SURGEON'S INSTRUCTIONS.  Good luck.

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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