Closed Rhinoplasty to Reduce Hump

I had a closed rhinoplasty 10 days ago to reduce a hump when seen in profile. The only thing done was filing of the hump to reduce it. The procedure was done in local anaesthesia so I could see the new nose with a mirror just before my cast was put on. The hump was gone which was nice. Howeve a few days ago my cast came off and the hump was there agin in same spot. The hump feels really hard, almost like bone. I can however press the hump down a little bit. Will the hump reduce with time?

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Bumps returns after closed rhinoplasty

At only 10 days after surgery the tissue that was filed down is often met by a reactive swelling of the surround tissues. I would certainly give it time and talk with your surgeon. I have seen patients grow new bone in the area where it was just removed -- in my experience this reponds well to a steroid inject to calm down the response.

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Closed Rhinoplasty to Reduce Hump

The hump present before rhinoplasty was secondary to bone and/or cartilage; now, it is probably due to temporary swelling. Be patient. Talk to your surgeon before trying to do a revision on your nose by applying  pressure 10 days post-op.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Too early for the result

You have trusted your surgeon to operate on you and you should trust him post op too. If you are not happy with the result 6 months after surgery, then seek another opinion.

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Pressing Bump on Nose 10 Days After Rhinoplasty


Whoa!  Before you press anything too hard on your 10 day after rhinoplasty nose, see your rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss your concerns.  If anyone will press anything on your nose, let it be the surgeon who just performed the operation.  Your surgeon will let you know if you should press anything, and hopefully let you know what you are seeing and feeling.  I hope that you love your new nose.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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10 days after Rhinoplasty is Too Early To Tell ...

You should wait until all the tenderness and swelling is gone.  After rhinoplasty, you need to wait several months to see the results, and unless something is dramatically wrong, I would recommend that you wait at least a year before doing anything else.  The only exception to this rule is if a graft moved out of place or something else clearly wrong has happened, which does not apply in your case.

Claudio DeLorenzi MD FRCS

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