Closed Rhinoplasty 35 Days Ago, Asymmetric Nostrils? (photo)

Closed rhino done 35days ago. Tip narrowed, Hump reduction. Dent on the right nostril deeper than the one on the left. Front: Right nostril is more pointy and looks biggr, left: hardly visible. Profie: right: nose is pointy an shorter, left- descended and longer. Post op visit 09/22/12, Per dr nose is swollen, did not see d mentioned differance. Pls advise if this it a normal look for 35 day post up? Is there hope that nostrils will get even by themselves? Can injections improve this? Thank you!

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Uneven nostrils after Rhinoplasty #nosejob

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Boy, this is a hard one for me. Your nose looks really good. So many things are going on here. First, you will pick your nose to pieces because you are looking at it under the microscope now. I did after my nose surgery. So I think you need to remember that swelling takes 6-12 months to completely resolve. Being that said by 6 months most of the subtle imperfections change. Since the nose is new to you you also are not used to it. It takes time before it feels like yours again. I would just be patient and give this time. I know how hard that can be to hear because I have sat where you are sitting before. I have been the post op Rhinoplasty patient. Good communication with your surgeon is best.

35 days post rhinoplasty

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At 35 days post- rhinoplasty you are still very swollen.  I would give it several months for the swelling to go down before worrying about potential asymmetry.

Uneven nostrils after rhinoplasty

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Looking at your photos I do notice a slight amount of alar retraction on the right compared to the left giving your nostrils the asymmetric appearance. This may or may not be due to the surgical maneuvers performed. Regardless your surgeon is correct that your nose is still quite swollen especially at the tip supratip region. I would wait and discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Most of the time small imperfections correct themselves with a tincture of time.

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