I Had a Closed Rhino-septoplasty 8 Days Ago,when I Will Be Able to Breath?

the surgery was done on january 14th , they corrected my deviated septum, straighten my nose ,removed the bump with slight elevation of the nose tip. i'm happy with the results all going fine, but still can't breath well by my nose through day and night and i sleep with my mouth open and cause of that i snore sometimes when i'm sleeping ,my doctor said this all cause of the swelling, i'm just concerned if this is common and when i will be able to breath well???

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Breathing after a Septo-rhinoplasty?

Breathing will continue to significantly improve over the next several weeks. The airway is obstructed by the swelling that is present both inside and outside your nose.

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Breathing after rhinoplasty

It may take over a month for internal nasal swelling to improve.  In the meantime use nasal saline spray to decrease crusting that may also limit nasal airflow.  You are still in the early healing phase of your surgery.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Some nasal congestion is normal after rhinoplasty

Hi Farah,

You are still very early in the healing phase and it is absolutely normal to have some congestion and difficulty breathing at this point. This is due to the swelling that results from manipulating the tissues during surgery. It generally takes several weeks for the internal swelling to resolve. However, you should notice an improvement in you breathing over the next couple of weeks. Different people heal at different rates. A lot of it also depends on what specifically was performed during the surgery. Your surgeon will be the best person to answer more specifically as to how long it will take for you to breathe more comfortably. Rest assured that the first week is usually the worst and you will continue to notice some improvement every day. I hope this helps!


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