Closed Rhino to Derotate Tip?

so my PS has a greed to do a revision to derotate my tip at 6 months post op. he plans on derotating the tip by removing the permanent sutures (and scar tissue) that were used to rotate the tip. no cartilage or septum removal was done. will this revision be an open or closed procedure?

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Derotating tip

It can be done both ways and depends on surgeon preference. Open rhinoplasty will allow more options and more control of symmetry

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Type of Incision

Rhinoplasty can be performed both open and closed.  It sounds like your surgery is already planned, so I am not sure why this was not discussed with your surgeon.  


Good Luck.

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Revision rhinoplasty can be performed as an open or closed procedure.

Revisions like that one you are describing can be performed by a number of different open and closed rhinoplasty techniques.  Whether your particular revision rhinoplasty is performed through a closed or open approach will depend on your surgeon.  

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