Closed Revision Swelling and Healing Time?

I had a revision rhino a year ago that involved ear grafts. The part above my right tip and sidewall is now big and bulbous looking, so my surgeon said that I can come back in a couple of months to have that area revised. He would make an incision inside the nose to remove the excess cartilage. So, what is the healing time for that kind of procedure and will I have lot's of swelling(thick skin)? Also, is it possible to refine the bottom half/tip even further through a closed procedure? Thanks!

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Degree of edema after endonasal revision rhinoplasty

Based on what you are describing you can expect significantly less swelling, and much quicker healing time than your initial revision surgery a year ago.  The tip could possibly be further refined as well, but without knowing the specifics of your case it would be difficult to say with confidence.  

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