Closed (Reduction) Rhinoplasty 6 Weeks Later?

Hi, I have undergone a reduction (closed) rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago, recovery is going well; however I still feel there is much swelling due to my thick and sebaceous skin. I'm wondering how long I can expect to see a refined tip, if it's safe to wear glasses now (no bones were broken), whether I can exercise and weight train, and whether I can use nose clearing strips to clear out the blackheads on my nose (remember, oily skin) - even though the label says do not use on swollen!! Thanks!

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Takes Longer

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I generally find that my rhinoplasty patients with thick, sebaceous skin take longer to begin to see improvement in their tip definition.  The earliest one might see improvement at 3-4 months following the procedure.  Final definition woudl be achieved at one year.  At 6 weeks, you should be able to wear glasses, weight train, exercise, and use nasal strips.

Rhinoplasty and post care

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I usually let my patients wear glasses after about 6 weeks and by this time they can go back to exertional  activity.  You should check with your surgeon regarding his instructions.

Life (just 6 weeks) after rhinoplasty!

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Congratulations! Its been 6 weeks since your rhinoplasty and you have some very appropriate questions. Before I chime in, I hope you've asked these very questions to your surgeon so that he/she has had a chance to answer them first. Only this individual knows exactly what was done to refine your nose, so his answers are probably the best ones.In general, a closed reductive-type rhinoplasty without osteotomies (no bones reset) will still have skin swelling that takes months to resolve.  The textbook answer is 12 months, actually. Probably about 85% of the swelling is resolved at 3 months, so you are just 1/2 way to this milestone.  I should think you can see some of the refinement already, yes? Regarding glasses, you should be completely fine to wear reading glasses or sunglasses of any sort.  Exercising and weight training also should be fine, providing no contact sports are involved. (Oftentimes, sutures are used in the tip and you wouldn't want to disrupt any of these!)  And I probably wouldn't recommend you using Biore strips or the Clarisonic Skin Brush at this point- just a bit too aggressive. Maybe not even for about 3-4 months.  And always remember the old advice.... if something doesn't feel quite OK, its probably not quite ready for you to be doing it. Best of luck & enjoy!   

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