Closed Nose Reduction when Cosmetic Change is Minimal?

Is it ok to do a closed reduction (one time) when comestic change in the broken nose (bone only) is minimal? It is a bit displaced( can't see, but can feel by touching) making my bone partially a little bit larger to one side and slightly accentuated a curve I have in the nose front. Not crooked and not noticiable deformity except by myself who knows my face well, I'm looking worse. I really wanted to do a closed reduction if it is ok in my case as I rule out surgery. It is minimal but makes me feel bad.

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Closed Reduction after a Rhinoplasty

A closed reduction of a nasal fracture is generally done in the first two weeks before the bones heal, after taht you have to re-break the bones to move them around. If the latter is your situation I would advise against surgery, unless the cosmetic appearance is unacceptable.

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Closed Reduction of Nose Fractures

A Closed Reduction of a nose fracture and repositioning of displaced bones back to the original location is commonly done in the ACUTE post-injury phase and can restore appearance to the normal state. However, once the bones heal in their new location it is very hard to get them to move and shaping of the nose may require surgical breaking (osteotomies) to reposition the displaced bones.

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