Is it Safe to Do Non-purpuric VBeam Treatments Within a Short Period of Time?

Hello. I have mild-moderate rosacea, with generall flushing on my nose and cheeks, and broken capillaries on my nose. I plan to do a series of VBeam treatments. How close together is it SAFE to have teh treatments? I have read anywhere from spacing them 3-4 weeks apart, to spacing them 6-8 weeks apart is safe. Also, is it possible to space treatments too far apart, thereby reducing the efficacy? Thanks!

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Vbeam for facial flushing and broken blood vessels

Pulse dye laser, VBeam, is a great way to decrease the broken blood vessels and help minimize flushing of facial skin. It does require multiple treatments usually spaced about every 3-4 weeks. If you wait longer, such as 6-8 weeks, that is okay. You will not loose efficacy.If you do wait too long in between treatments, your body can develop new vessels and some of the not completed treated ones may have the chance to redevelop

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