Best way to close minor spaces between straight teeth?

Every time I got to the dentist I am asked if I've ever had braces because they say my teeth are so straight. I have extra space between my teeth and it bothers me but what can I do if braces aren't an option? The spaces are small but they bother me and I may or may not have a crooked smile.

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Many things can be done to give you a more beautiful smile

Although you may have some minor mis-alignment it looks like you have nice, healthy teeth.  There are many ways to close spaces - either orthodontically or cosmetically with bonding or veneers.  Bonding or veneers however, make your teeth wider.  Which in your situation, would not be a good idea unless you did something else.  One thing that jumps out in your photo to me is you have teeth are shorter than they are wide.  Ideally it should be the opposite.  There is a lot of your tooth still hidden under you gum line.  You gum line can be raised with a minor procedure to expose more of your beautiful teeth.  This can be done by either a periodontist or a dentist who has proper training and experience. After that is done, it may be appropriate to close the space with bonding or veneers or orthodontics.  Orthodontics may be short term.  It may require some polishing of the sides of the teeth to make things fit.  An examination by an orthodontic specialist will help determine that.

The spaces are there for a reason.  For example:
  • the bite is too tight (a tooth size discrepancy)
  • the tongue is pushing them apart
  • genetics
  • a frenum
Once that is determined, the best course of action can be used.  If your dentist has not brought these things up to may be time to find a new dentist.  Just sayin'.

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