Is Clitoroplexy Safe?

Is clitoroplexy a safe procedure to reduce a protruding clitoris? I need a hood reduction but clit sticks out a lot when aroused.

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Clitoral hood reduction or clitoropexy in Los Angeles

Clitoropexy is a safe procedure. As with any other medical procedure, there are inherent surgical risks that can be minimized with careful attention to details. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
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How Safe is Clitoropexy?

Aside from the safety concerns of clitoropexy surgery, it's good to understand the goal of clitoropexy and to know the type of problem that would benefit from this procedure...

Occasionally I hear patient questions about whether a clitoropexy will also be necessary to give a satisfactory result following a labiaplasty. Almost invariably, during examination of these patients, I find the clitoris to be entirely normal in appearance and position. Most often these patients merely require a clitoral hood reduction during their labiaplasty to achieve the appearance being sought. It's surprising how many patients mistake an enlarged clitoral hood for a large or long clitoris. Clitoral hood reduction is a quite straight forward and “safe” procedure.

Clitoropexy, on the other hand, is only required when the clitoris itself is unnaturally long and rotated away from the body (specifically, the pelvic bone). This is a condition to be diagnosed by the labiaplasty surgeon, and its correction, if necessary, must be accomplished by means of a clitoropexy.

All the various methods of performing a clitoropexy introduce a surgical incision in close proximity to the clitoris, itself, which must be surgically rotated into a better location. It's because of this incision (and its resulting scar) that there is an associated greater risk of disturbing natural sensitivity than when labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction are performed without doing a clitoropexy. For this reason, clitoropexy is not even performed by many labiaplasty surgeons.

The answer, then, to the question regarding the safety of clitoropexy is, yes, it is safe procedure, but it can be associated with a greater risk of altering sensitivity than what we have come to expect with the other labiaplasty operations.

Charles Gruenwald, MD (retired)
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Clitoral surgery

It is in your best interest to be examined by well-qualified/experienced surgeon to answer your question. In general however, I think this procedure would carry significant risk of complications/dissatisfaction.  Often times it is better to NOT  have surgery than  to experience the complications that may arise from the surgery.  Be  careful.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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