How Much Does a Clitoral Reduction Cost?

I have an enlarged clitoris and sometimes it causes discomfort and embarrassment so I would like to have the size reduced so it's not as bulky. I wanted to know what the cost would be. Thank you.

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Clitoral reduction

Unless you were absolutely certain you needed this and was willing to accept the risk of loss of sensation, most surgeons would not do this procedure. Hood reductions could be done but excess excision would result in an exposed clitoris and uncomfortable sensations. As for costs, if done it the office under local, this would not exceed $2000. Having an OR and anesthesia will bump up costs by over $1000.

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Clitoral (hood) reduction

Although I do not recommend reduction of the actually clitoris as you could lose that critical sensation for orgasm, "Clitoral Hoodectomy" or reduction of the excess/redundant skin covering the clitoris is done not infrequently.  The procedure can be done safely under light sedation ("twighlight sleep") with local anesthesia in about 30 minutes.  Typical total cost at my surgery center is ~ $3500 when done alone or $1500 when combined with Labiaplasty (reduction of the inner labia minora).  Hope this helps...RAS

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