Did my surgeon take an excessive amount and some of my incisions are infected and aren't healing, what can I do? (photos)

I am overweight and gained weight from an accident which disabled me. I was going to do smart lipo and mpx lipo to my abdomen, waist, back of arms, and my sideboob areas. When I woke, said they had to reschedule the other portion, they ran out of fluids. 2 weeks later, only my stomach and hips done, I have several infected incisions and he took 11L. How can i get them to heal and was 11L excessive? Why did they reschedule, to tack on more fees? What is the black skin with bumps? Please help!

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Black skin is dead skin. Ask your surgeon why they had to reschedule.

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Eleven liters is megaliposuction. Your surgeon was either exhausted or concerned that additional lipo would be dangerous. When surgeries are rescheduled by the decision of the surgeon and it wasn't discussed prior to surgery, then I see no reason why you should have to pay any fees. You contracted the surgeon to perform a set amount of work for a set fee. If the work hasn't been completed, it's their obligation to finish the job for the contracted fee.

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