what percentage of tightening should i expect with thermiva and femilift?

i want to get one of the procedures but want to get the best tightening as possible.

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ThermiVa Tightening

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Selena,That's a great question. With ThermiVa my patients have seen increased tightening from their current state. It is also great for general appearance of the labia major or outer lip, vaginal dryness and lubrication, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction and issues with orgasms

Edmond Plastic Surgeon
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What percentage of tightening should i expect with thermiva and femilift?

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Frankly, I would expect no lasting tightening with ThermiVa because it does not work. Femi Lift by Alma is a fractional CO2 laser device. We have Femi Lift in our practice. I speak for the FemiLift manufacturer, Alma lasers. I also do research and speak for several Radio Frequency based device manufacturers.

ThermiVA is a radio frequency based device that works through direct bulk heating. ThermiVa has been supported by claims that it increases lubrication and improves vaginal function. In that ThermiVa is not FDA approved for intra-vaginal use, and that these claims are not supported by any valid, peer reviewed studies that I can find, it is unlikely that ThermiVa will help with any vaginal issues in a lasting way.. This technology is not able to raise tissue temperatures sufficiently to promote new collagen growth (Neocollagenesis), which is necessary for any lasting results. It has been shown that Neocollagenesis occurs ONLY when the tissues are heated to 60-70C. ThermiVa absolutely does not heat tissues to 60-70C, but only achieves perhaps 45-55 degrees Celsius. By heating the vaginal lining tissues, ThermiVa causes swelling, or edema. There is no scientific basis that supports the notion of ThermiVa producing long lasting results. Furthermore, as we all learned in 2nd year medical school pathology class, chronic inflammation and edema leads to FIBROSIS (a pathologic process). Fibrosis is a disorderly process of SCAR FORMATION, as opposed to the functionally regenerative process of Neocollagenesis. Think about nasty ugly scars on the skin that occur due to injury. That is the process of scar formation. Fractional laser devices, such as Femi Lift by Alma lasers, actually have been shown through rigorous scientific study, to promote Neocollagenesis by heating the vaginal lining tissues to 60-70 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, Femi Lift also causes fractional ablation of the vaginal lining, resulting in regrowth of a thicker and more youthful vaginal lining. In my practice we have treated dozens of patients with Femi Lift and I have not seen a single treatment failure. Furthermore, most, if not all of my stress urinary incontinence patients (mild to moderate severity) have completely resolved their SUI. Lastly many have posted that ThermiVa is a "newer" technology. That is just patently untrue. Fractional CO2 laser technology was first used clinically in the early 2000's. Radio frequency has been in use since the 1980's and the external application (like ThermiVa) was how RF was first used. People, do your homework and do not trust those who are untruthful!

ThermiVa vs. Femilift

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Thank you for your question. While both would provide tightening, ThermiVa treatments provide added benefits such as improving or treating urinary incontinence and enhancing experience during intercourse. Discuss your expectations with a Doctor that provides both non-surgical and surgical options in order to determine which procedure would be the best fit for you. Good luck!

Brian M. Kinney, MD, FACS
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You will get moderate tightening of the vagina from Thermiva and Femilift both.  Neither will get as tight as can be achieved with surgery, but also these therapies are non-surgical with no recovery and minimal to no pain.  For moderate prolapse and mild incontinence issues, non surgical therapies can be very effective.

ThermiVA versus FemiLift

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Both will tighten but are not permanent like surgery.  I suggest you get a formal consultation with an expert.  Have realistic expectations from non surgical options.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Percentage of tightening is not the point of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation

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The point of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation is to get some improvement while avoiding surgery for whatever reason compels you to avoid surgery (plan to have more kids, don't want surgery, can't have surgery, can't afford surgery, afraid, etc). If you want maximum tightening, get surgery. The bottom line is that the results of these procedures are based on asking patients how they felt afterwards, not on scientific measurements of tightening. Anyone who gives you a number is taking a wild guess.


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You should expect only a mild tightening of the vagina, but coupled with the increase in sensitivity, the THermiVa should increase the sensations of your genital areas which, in turn, should increase your sexual experience. And that is why the procedure is performed. 

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