Filed teeth - what do you think? (Photo)

My dentist filed my teeth down while my braces are still on without asking. They don't look horrible and I know I'm picky but he filed one side of my tooth too much and I want to know if I should have it bonded or just have the rest of them filed down in a straight line to even them out. I have an appointment scheduled just want to know what you think. And again I know I'm picky but it bothers me and don't understand why it happened in the first place. Don't most dentists know how to file straight?

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Contouring of teeth

Dentists frequently have to reshape teeth after aligning them. When your teeth were crooked, they wore down at different angles. When the teeth are straightened, the angles of the teeth show up more. One of your teeth is more square that the other.  This may be the way you wore them down. The orthodontist has to look at how the teeth are aligned and make sure they can fit together properly as well as not interfere while you are chewing. 

Talk to the orthodontist to see if there is anything else that can be done. Bonding may be an option after your braces are off. 

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