Can I wear a bra after my breast augmentation, and what type should I buy?

After my breast augmentation surgery would I be able to wear a bra.If o what type of bra? A underwire lne or a bra without thr underwire or a sports bra.And will I beable to gojogging without moving the implants

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Bras after breast augmentation

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We place a bra we supply at the end of the procedure. It is a soft but support bra.

The bras we don't recommend immediately after are sports  bras that smooth or displace. I don't want the implants to end up too high.

I recommend if an underwater bra us used to cut at the end and remove the wire so it does not rub against the new incisiom. After 3 weeks the wire can be replaced and a stitch close where you cut the bra to remove it. After 3-4 weeks I let my patients where any types although I do recommend wearing support even at night to maintain longterm shape

What bra after breast augmentation?

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Your own plastic surgeon should be the final say on this.  Some of this answer depends on where your incision is to place the implants.  My saline implants are placed through a one inch incision hidden in the inframammary food.  
I place a front entry non underwire bra in the recovery room after surgery to avoid pressure on the incision.  After a week, a sports type bra is recommended.  Underwire bras can be started at three weeks.
When you can jog is your plastic surgeons call.  I allow this at 4 to 6 weeks and recommend firm support with 2 bras.  Firm support should always be used with bouncing type exercise for anyone with breast implants.

Breast augmentation

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It is a very common question. Some of the answer depends upon the size and placement of the implant. Typically I do not have patience wear and under wire bra for about 8 weeks, mostly because it is uncomfortable. I allow patients To go walking briskly at a week and by 2-3 weeks they can typically go jogging with a well supported bra. I would discuss this with your surgeon and they will help you determine your activities.

Good luck!

Bra after augmentation

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Every surgeon has his/her own protocol for when you can wear a bra after surgery.  For my patients, I have them wear a surgical bra for 4 weeks post-op, then they can wear any type of bra they want.  I ask my patients not to participate in high-impact sports/activites (running, zumba, etc) for 4 weeks post-op.  They can do lower impact sports prior to that.  You don't want the implant getting pushed out of position while you're still healing.  Best of luck to you!

Can I wear a bra after my breast augmentation.

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We have noted that practice varies, however we fit our patients into a soft bra without an underwire, and use a breast band for the first two weeks. The bra we provide sees them through the first month or two until they choose to shop and find their own fit and style. Ask your surgeon.

What Bra and When after Breast Augmentation

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There will probably be as many opinions as there are answers from different surgeons for this question. It's been my experience that each surgeon has their own thoughts on types of bra, when they can be worn, and returned to activities such as running. I'll give you my thoughts. But I still recommend you ask your own plastic surgeon and go with whatever they say. We tell our patients for the first six weeks, we want them in a non-formfitting jog bra, sports bra, or Cami top. After six weeks, I allow my patients to any type of bra they want including push-up bras. We likewise tell our patients to keep their blood pressure and heart rate normal for two weeks postoperatively. At that point I would allow them to run with a very good supportive sports type bra. Good luck with your anticipated surgery.

Bra after augmentation

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Thanks for the question.  The answer varies by surgeon, so you should follow the protocol that your surgeon recommends.  I typically recommend that my patients wear a comfortably fitting sports bra for the first month after surgery.  After that time they can get fitted for a good quality supportive bra.  I discourage underwire bras in the beginning.  Best of luck!

When to wear a real bra after BBA

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Thank you for your question. If everything is healing properly you can wear a regular bra after 3-4  weeks. I would advise you to to get evaluated by your Plastic Surgeon to have your post-op restrictions lifted. Best of luck to you.

Support Bra

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Speak with your surgeon as each of us has our own post op protocol, but, in general, patients wear a support bra with a front closure or front zip for the first month post op. Your surgeon may have a specific one that he or she recommends so check with the office. Best, Dr. Nazarian


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Depends on what your surgeon recommends. Personally here is what I tell my patients,10-14 days after surgery(applicable from two weeks and longer after surgery)
Bras:At this time, we encourage our patients to begin wearing supportive bras during the day. Be sure to get sized before purchasing a post breast augmentation bra in order to ensure that you have the right size and support needed to support your breasts long term. Underwire bras are acceptable as long at they fit the implant and do not “dig in”. There is not one brand or style that we recommend. Any brand should do as long as you get a “pop” or “push up” from the bra. This demonstrates that the bra is supporting the weight of the implant, instead of the skin.
It is also important that when exercising or sleeping you do not wear tight fitting sports bras that just “smash” or compress your breasts. When you had natural breasts, the tighter the sports bra, the better it was. Now with implants, you need side and bottom support from the sports bra. When choosing a sports bra after breast augmentation surgery, we recommend a sports bra with a built in bra or cups that will contain and support the weight of the implant. We find a sports bra similar to the VSX line at Victoria’s Secret that is padded and has an underwire supports the best. We encourage you to support your breasts 24/7 in order for you to continue to love your breasts long into the future. Wear your surgical sports bra (or similarly supportive bra) at night for at least 3 months. Feel free to browse my website for any other post-op questions you may have. Best of luck. #drfeldman #BancroftFeldman #breastaugmentation #sugarlandtX #houstonTX

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