Can We Use Clindoxyl Gel While on Accutance?

my son is on 40mg every other day and have prescribed with clindoxyl gel to use along with, is it ok to use them together? it seems a little red and did not see any improvement yet. however the skin did not get dry and still breaking out. we have started accutance for 12 days and used the clindoxyl for the last 4 days. should we continue to use the gel or just let accutance to work on its own?

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Clindoxyl Gel and Accutane

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It's fine to use something topical if that's what your doctor recommended. Follow the specific plan laid out by his prescribing physician. He's only been on the medication for 12 days so he shouldn't be noticing much of anything. And remember his acne may actually get worse for a bit while his acne and pores are changing. This is probably why the topical was recommended.

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