Clincheck Accuracy for Underbite and Premolar Extraction Case

i recently viewed my clincheck at my ortho.which showed a very impressive result since my underbite was almost completely reduced after premolar extraction.i wanted to kno how accurate the clinchecks usualy are in terms of %.and also i remember during my first visit to the ortho he only took my upper teeth mould and my lower teeth mould seprately and not my bite mould( upper and lower teeth while biting),and was wondering how he was able to get my bite on the computer.

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How acurate is the clincheck

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The bite alignment is set by using the photos that were taken at the start of treatment.

The more complicated the tooth movement needed (extractions, elastic band wear) the more you have to rely on the expertise of the doctor as the clincheck may not acurately reflect the actual tooth movement.  This is why you should seek out an orthodontist with a lot of experience (Elite Provider) for any problem more complicated than simple anterior alignment!

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