Why is the upper half of my stomach protruding so much? (Photo)

1 month ago I received a back lift, with lipo to my stomach and BBL. I put 2 pieces of lipo foam on the upper half of my stomach to compress it along with a surgical stretchy back brace that I placed tightly around my back and upper portion of my stomach in the hopes that it would flatten this protruding but it made it worse. I'm honestly scared. Why is the top of my stomah bulging out? I didn't have this issue after my tummy tuck. It's just very hard and swollen What can I do to flatten it out?

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Protruding upper abdomen

certain body shapes are prone to having a protruding upper abdomen after having an abdominoplasty.

This is particularly common in people who have around or barrel shaped chests.

Anyone who's breast bone or sternum sits for in front of their pubic bone Will have a tendency to have this shape after tightening of the abdominal muscles during an abdominoplasty.People with a more flat chest or sternum that sits even wit their pubic bone will have a more straight up-and-down abdominal contour after this procedureIn many ways the tighter the abdominal muscles are made during the procedure the more the upper abdomen will have an appearance of protruding after the procedure.

For patients with these body shapes it's not that the upper abdomen protrudes more after the procedure it was just not appreciated since the lower abdomen protruded more before the procedure.
There are a few other reasons this certain lookcan happen after an abdominoplasty.I suggest discussing your concerns with your plastic surgeon.
Mats Hagstrom M.D.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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