4 weeks post op and my nose randomly swelled up. Is this normal?

my nose never really got too swollen after getting my bandages removed after rhino/septo/turbinate. a few days ago my stitches started hurting a little bit and now my nose looks a lot wider and swollen. my nose started hurting the day after I visited my doctor (which was 4 days ago) and I can't contact him for another two weeks since he's on vacation. also, I noticed that my stitches are starting to smell really weird. I don't think it's infected; is this kind of thing normal?

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Nasal swelling

FIrst it is common for swelling to be common after rhinoplasty, but if you have swelling and it smells funny you should definitely be seen by an MD. IF your doctor is not available, then he probably has coverage and call his office for follow-up.

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