Do I need a revision? Should I be concerned? (photos)

I had my breast done in May one of them dropped really well but the other has yet to drop. I just came back from my doctors and hes said that they look pretty good and that i have to give it more time for me to consider revising. I just want to know will my breast still drop or will it stay this way Im upset because i paid alot of money and they look WEIRD! should i consider revison now or wait?

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Implant issue

It is unlikely that your implants will drop more after 5-6 months. Best to be evaluated by your surgeon.  Good luck.

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Breast asymmetry


Thanks for the question and photos.

You should definitely wait several more months before considering any revision.  You must also realize that you had significant asymmetry preoperatively which complicates symmetry postoperatively.  Trust your surgeon and follow their isntructions.  You may consider moderately aggressive massage of the left upper breast to aid in stretching the lower pocket.  Clear this with your surgeon first.

Best of luck.

Dr. T

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Do I need a breast augmentation revision?

Although I understand your concerns, I do agree with your plastic surgeon that additional time (and attention to measure such as displacement exercises) may be helpful.  I would suggest waiting approximately 3 months from now;  if you remain concerned about breast asymmetry at that point, discuss the pros/cons associated with additional surgery with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

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Breast surgery revision

 It is not uncommon for it to take months for implants to drop.  I would wait a little more time before scheduling a revision.  Keep in mind that the sides are not symmetrical to begin with and this may have exacerbated the current situation.  Continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon.  If you are truly uncomfortable, then it would not be unreasonable to seek out a second opinion.

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